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Expert of Organic Solid Waste Disposal & Compost Specialist from China

Founded in 1999, SKYSTAR firstly engaged in the import of excellent products from foreign countries to the Chinese market, specialized in the field of organic solid waste management. SKYSTAR business involves in municipal industry, which includes garbage treatment, sludge treatment, kitchen waste treatment and manure treatment; as well as in agricultural industry, which includes animal waste treatment and agricultural waste treatment; and industry waste treatment.

In the past 10 years, as the sole agent of BACKHUS in China , SKYSTAR had more than 60 successful cases. In 2010, SKYSTAR purchased technology of compost turners14.28 windrow turner  from BACKHUS to produce small size turner,  in China, and won the market of Mengniu farm and then extended to Yili farm and other modern farms.

Since 2012, SKYSTAR was dedicated to research and developed kinds of compost turners machines independently and now who owns the capacities of manufacture machines as followed:

Compost Turners: Windrow Turners, Lane Turners, Chain-Plate Turners

Composting Containers

Solid-Liquid Separators, etc.

After 10 years of develoment in the Chinese market, SKYSTAR has gained the market share and rich resources in organic solid waste management. Under the principle of honesty, combined with the advanced foreign technology and fully usage of market resources, SKYSTAR together with her partners would develop well.